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Image non disponibleConnaissez-vous le Certainty-based marking ?
Date de publication: 14 January 2020

Pour connaître le certainty-based marking, voici le lien qui décrit cette méthode d’acquisition des connaissances, qui a été développée par un universitaire anglais

Cette méthode commence à être incrémenter dans la formation des employés dans l’industrie pharmaceutique comme en témoigne un article paru dans Pharmatimes.

Voici un extrait :
The pharma industry has a huge impact on society and is one that employs millions of people. It is facing rapid changes as we move into a digital transformation, and keeping employees up-to-speed with this is a huge challenge for the sector. Effective training can be implemented across organisations to handle the scarcity of qualified trainers, launches of new drugs and changes in compliance guidelines. As compliance plays such a vital part in industries where mistakes can be detrimental, employee assessments alongside training is essential.
CBM assessments offer a novel way to measure knowledge and an employee’s confidence in their knowledge, as they require learners to rate how certain they are of their answers. By stimulating a higher level of thinking, CBM proves to be a more accurate assessment method, and can also prove the ROI of training. It effectively exposes knowledge gaps within teams and informs future training decisions, especially when used in conjunction with a clear reporting tool.
This valuable insight can help learning leaders of the pharmaceutical industry to create more personalised, relevant content and target the employees who are ‘confidently incompetent’. Not only does this save the company from compliance costs in the long term, but it effectively impacts employee behaviour.

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